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Hieronymus Bosch: The Hell, right panel of his famous triptych named The Garden of Earthly Delights, c. 1500

Imádom Boscht, fasza ahogy ‘megelevenedik’.

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Haunted Euth & T.S. Claire, “Dreamland Summer.”

In what will certainly be one of the best showcases of contemporary street art this summer, artists Haunted Euth and T.S. Claire will be presenting a brand new body of work entitled, “Dreamland Summer,” this Saturday, August 30th at Clean Aesthetic in Culver City, California.  Having taken a look at most of the work for the show and following both artists closely (A portrait of me done by T.S. Claire hangs in my bedroom and one of Haunted Euth’s cement faces sits on my desk) I will say that this is one show you do not want to miss if you’re in the area.  Check out 10 more images below from the show - a tiny fraction of the epic amount of work the artists have made for it.

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20.-a alkalmából, fellövök egy rakétát, én is.

Közben megnézem a netes közvetítésen mivel indul a kormány:)


Detail from the Nine Dragons handscroll (1244), Chen Rong

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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vegyszermentes lányok, írjatok!



vegyszermentes lányok, írjatok!